Transexdomination is the only site which features dominant transsexuals, sadistic shemales and submissive males.


No other website features shemale fetishes such as transsexual foot worship and foot fetish, shemales smoking, transgenders dressed in fetish leather and PVC outfits and transsexual mistresses with whips, chains, paddles & restriants.

For discerning men, women and slaves, who love to be dominated by transsexual mistresses in a variety of fetishes, this is the only site for you. Are you worthy?

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Foot Worship
I like it all!
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Logan in Control
Poor Arnold, his boss makes him stay late at the factory to clean up a mess from one of the machines that broke. To make up the time he decides to walk a short cut through a bad area of town. As he strolls down the tracks he is confronted by a beautiful young girl who seems to have a really bad attitude... a bad attitude and a knife... a bad attitude, a knife, and a sexy plan for Arnold's virgin ass! They both go into her hiding place and ties him up as she changes into her DOM outfit so she can play out her personal fantasies.
Mistress Astrid Shay
Mistress Astrid steps up the intensity from her last performance and puts willing slave Danny through a very intense session. The ball parachute puts continuous pressure on his sack flesh and she yanks the chain on it occasionally to remind him that things can always get worse. She slaps his entire body with her leather riding crop leaving red marks all over his skin. She twists his nipples. She pinches his face. She does everything she can to make this boy tortured and yearning for more. Just when he thinks it can't get any more intense, it suddenly gets a lot better as she slides her hard cock into his mouth. You can see him get hard instantly. The pleasure-pain was too much but it was worth it for the reward. She has no intentions of stopping now. She sits on the bench and pulls his tight ass onto her EXTREMELY THICK COCK! Watch Danny's face as she fucks him in reverse cowgirl and then doggie style. The poor guy is getting his ass torn open by her wide member and his face shows the pain of the intrustion. In the end she does reward him with a nice orgasm on his face and tongue.
Hey There Delilah
Mistress Delilah enjoys tormenting and dominating her consensual submissives. You can tell by the smile on her face and her rock hard cock throughout the entire scene. Mistress Delilah has Jake blindfolded as she brings him into her dungeon and coerced him to his knees. She keeps him reined in with the collar and chain lead as she has him fulfill her every whim from swallowing her cock and worshipping her 'tasty ass' to bending over for a good hard fucking.
Mistress Jasmine Jewels

Mistress Jasmine Jewels invites us in to watch as she deals with the shady auto mechanic who tried to rip her off on fixing her car. She has him stripped, blindfolded, and completely confused about what is happening.


As she tells us about her plans for him that afternoon we can see him squirm about nervously, but he is also getting hard . .. he must be a real sub at heart! She starts with some basic obedience training of verbal commands and then she decides she wants her cock sucked. While the little sissy doesn't know how to deep throat a thick cock so she has to give him some tutoring. 

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