Transexdomination is the only site which features dominant transsexuals, sadistic shemales and submissive males.


No other website features shemale fetishes such as transsexual foot worship and foot fetish, shemales smoking, transgenders dressed in fetish leather and PVC outfits and transsexual mistresses with whips, chains, paddles & restriants.

For discerning men, women and slaves, who love to be dominated by transsexual mistresses in a variety of fetishes, this is the only site for you. Are you worthy?

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Cougar Astrid Shay on the Prowl
Mistress Astrid asks her sub if he is worthy of worshipping her body. He stands in silence knowing that any response could lead to an outburst from his mistress... He is right, but unfortunately she also is unwilling to accept silence. She applies the crop to his chest, thighs, calves, feet, and even his cock and then asks again. This time he is quick to reply! Once she is satisfied that he is truly a willing submissive she rewards him with a taste of her thick cock followed by a rapid fire fucking that has him reeling from its sheer aggression and writhing from its pleasure! Are you Worthy? Mistress Astrid wants to know.
Mistress China
Mistress China is preparing for a fetish shoot in her studio but her toilet is running so she calls maintenance for the building and tells them she needs a plumber. A short while later John-Boy shows up and tells her he is Superintendant here to look at the toilet to see if they really need a plumber. Mistress China never likes to be questions and takes offense at this.
Mistress Danyella
Mistress Danyella is new to the TranSexDomination dungeon... but she certainly is no newbie when it comes to controlling sub boys. She puts Jake through pleasure-pain, taking his nipples to the limit and then cinching his sack up in an extremely tight ball splitter. This girl is into her bondage! She is also into deep throat fucking and gagging. Watch as she pinches Jake's nose and shoves her cock down his throat! All this just gets him harder and harder as he begs her to fuck his ass. She finally relents and allows him to feel her thick cock pentrating his ass. She pounds his ass doggie style to start but then soon has rolled him all over the table finding positions that allow her to get even deeper into him.
Gabrielle is Cock Hungry
Marcus does not see Gabrielle casing his house through the window as he lays down for the night. She slips her tight stocking over her head and creeps into his room. As she rummages through his jewelry box she makes a bit too much noise and he awakens asking who is there... She flies across the room through the air landing with her knee on his chest and hand on his mouth... telling him to 'Shut the Fuck Up' Since he's awake and horny, they decide to have some fun so she feeds him a LARGE serving of Black Cock and then rolls him over and SLAMS it into his tight ass.
foot worship  dildo whips and chains smoking