Transexdomination is the only site which features dominant transsexuals, sadistic shemales and submissive males.


No other website features shemale fetishes such as transsexual foot worship and foot fetish, shemales smoking, transgenders dressed in fetish leather and PVC outfits and transsexual mistresses with whips, chains, paddles & restriants.

For discerning men, women and slaves, who love to be dominated by transsexual mistresses in a variety of fetishes, this is the only site for you. Are you worthy?

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Kelly Shore and the Fucking Machine
Some girls like to play with the little tiny fucking machines... but Kelly Shore and Vic agreed to move right on up to the Monster Machines.  She starts tormenting her bitch with a serious crop session that turns his ass bright red with welts.  She strains his cock and balls to the max before returning her attention to his already sore ass with a flogger.  As she hears his pleas for mercy she decides to let his ass cheeks have a rest as she turns her attention to his tight little asshole.  She chains his neck and wrists to the monster fucking machine and penetrates his puckered hole with the giant dildo. 
Mistress Caress
Mistress Caress is not a very patient woman. When Jarett runs in 5-minutes late for their psychotherapy session regarding his needs for control she loses all control and tells him that this session is going to be all about her pleasure. Her pleasure is most definitely related to his sex reactions.
Brooke in the Desert
Brooke is out 4-wheeling in the desert outside Las Vegas when her truck breaks down. Along comes a jogger who offers to help fix her truck... but he seems far more interested in checking out Brooke's tits. His advances get a bit too aggressive so she tazes him with her stun gun and he awakens to her boot on his head and his arms and feet tied together with a rope that also loops around his neck. Brooke pulls him up into position and surprises him with her own special tool. After some cock sucking he likes his fate so she unties his hands but keeps the rope around his neck as she proceeds to give him his first ass fucking. She finishes his humilitation with a giant cum shot on his chest which she then smears all over his face.
Mistress China
Mistress China is preparing for a fetish shoot in her studio but her toilet is running so she calls maintenance for the building and tells them she needs a plumber. A short while later John-Boy shows up and tells her he is Superintendant here to look at the toilet to see if they really need a plumber. Mistress China never likes to be questions and takes offense at this.
foot worship  dildo whips and chains smoking