Transexdomination is the only site which features dominant transsexuals, sadistic shemales and submissive males.


No other website features shemale fetishes such as transsexual foot worship and foot fetish, shemales smoking, transgenders dressed in fetish leather and PVC outfits and transsexual mistresses with whips, chains, paddles & restriants.

For discerning men, women and slaves, who love to be dominated by transsexual mistresses in a variety of fetishes, this is the only site for you. Are you worthy?

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Strip Poker with Jessica Host
Jessica Host and Jake were playing strip poker and poor Jake let his Alpha male ego take over. He got a bit too overconfident in his hand and literally 'Bet his Ass'. Big mistake as she was holding a full house that led to his 'Full Ass' Jessica gloats over her victory and the mental domination as he has to submit to her every whim! When she pounds his ass you can see that they're both getting really into it.
Miss Jaxxson if You're Nasty!
Mistress Janet Jaxxxson can get “Nasty” and she shows it in this scene with submissive Slave Danny. She has him bound tightly at the ankles and wrists. The ropes bite into his skin and cut off the blood flow. We can see his hands swelling and starting to turn purple. She has no mercy.
Mistress Cierra
Mistress Cierra invites us into her private dungeon for a lesson on how to dominate a willing submissive sissy boy. She starts with some hard and heavy swats to his tender little behind. No warm ups here. He is tied down why should she care if he is ready or not. True to her form Mistress Cierra is a 'Get right to it kind of girl' A bit of ass beating some forced foot worship and then she buries her cock down his throat. We are less than 3 minutes into the scene and she is already gagging him and telling him that she wants his ass. After a good cock sucking she moves behind him to loosen up his ass with one of her favorite anal probes and then she slams her cock home and proceeds to fuck him with enthusiasm.
Mistress Kelise Punishes Arnold!
Beautiful Mistress Kelise is just plain mean. She is so HOT that the temperature never bothers her. But the chilly athmosphere in her dungeon has her willing slave cold and sensitive. She wraps him in plastic wrap and spanks his cold ass with a large red leather paddle. The cold makes every tap hurt even worse. Once Mistress Kelise bores of this, she works his ass open with a variety of toys and then positions him in a sex swing so she can fuck him as she pleases. She decides she does not like to look at his face so she puts a mask to cover him up as she comes on him from the pleasures of her own hand. He is not worthy of extracting the cum shot from her, but she has no reservations about spraying it on him.
foot worship  dildo whips and chains smoking